miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Dame lujo o dame la muerte!!

Grafitti en Francia:  "Una tele en color para cada revolucionario":

via http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/4815

In a country in which education is obligatory, universally available and for free, it takes an effort to remain illiterate. Given this circumstance, illiteracy is an expression of an attitude supported by the willful avoidance. It demonstrates a decision that expresses the worst of an imported culture. The lack of labor-market relevant skills that follow from the avoided education are, therefore, not an expression of an imposed disadvantage. This condition is an expression of the rejection of the ways of modern society and a refusal to participate in its value-creating process. Once this choice is made, the predisposition to reallocate wealth by looting is not a consequence of oppression but of an alternative life style. It endeavors to participate in the consumption of goods but refuses to acquire the tools to contribute to the envied plenty of others.

Finally, behind the lacking skills we detect the bankruptcy of the philosophy of “modern” education. It is permissive, unwilling to “educate” and its lack of standards are expressed by its struggle against excellence. In doing so, it produces under skilled persons from the kindergarten to PhDs. Unemployability and –resented - functional under employment are the upshot. Add the fashion of questioning individual responsibility for anti-social acts. Now you have the context in which criminal violence, stylishly packaged as social unrest, can thrive and spread across national boundaries.

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