miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Nunca habrá recuperación bajo este régimen golpista

Para saber por qué Mariano Rajoy  está ejecutando el programa de la izquierda radical de Zapatero, recomiendo escuchar este "debates en libertad" sobre 11M, donde se explican cosas que por lo menos yo no conocía. 

Ahi se da alguna clave de por qué el PP está obligado a hacer lo que hace si quieren el poder en lugar de la decencia. Al parecer si se demostrara que fué ETA, los golpistas también tenían y tienen una coartada para culpar al PP de la masacre. 

Otra clave de este régimen golpista, asesino y corrupto es el escandaloso y evidente chantaje a la Corona, para neutralizarla, que se activó desde el mismo dia que ZP cedió el poder.  ver mis articulos sobre el tema aquí.

Vivimos en un régimen golpista gobernando un rebaño de becerrillos indignos, que no quieren saber, que llaman libertad a poder trotar dentro del vallado y a pacer el pienso de noticias sobre las chorraditas que ocurren diariamente. 

Mientras eso siga así, ya podemos olvidarnos de la recuperación económica, de la prima de riesgo,  del ratio de morosidad subyacente y del coño de la Bernarda con guarnición de judías en vinagre, porque este régimen lo que defiende y defenderá es mantener en pie todo aquello que nos ha hundido y nos mantiene hundidos economica, politica, judicial y moralmente. (Las negritas son mías, y el resto también)

No sé si me explico...

martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

11M: 9th anniversary of the slaughter and his political regime

Today is the anniversary of the golpe de estado, coup d´etat, the putsch, the violent overthrow of the State the 11-14M 2004 in Spain, by means of the most monstrous slaughter and media manipulation in the recent European history: the Madrid trains bombing and the aftershock intoxication where hundreds of people were killed, thousands injured and the Media worked in coordination with the perpetrators with the purpose of the Zapatero's Spanish socialist party (PSOE) to take over Spain in the elections, three days later. All the  collaborators in the slaughter and the manipulation were rewarded and promoted. No enemy of Spain where without its reward.

Since then, Spain has suffered a institutional, moral  and economical destruction as never in his history. Almost any enemy of what was formerly known as civilization won something, and the rest of us were demoted to second-class citizens. No other country has experienced such destruction. Perhaps with the exception of England under the attack of the multiculturalists.

Nobody well informed neither here, in Spain, nor abroad believe that the 11M slaughter was a Islamist attack. It is clear that it is an inside job, with or without the participation of ETA. It is clear that  the Socialist Party took part on it. It is clear that the right wing Popular Party has accepted not to investigate the slaughter and it is evident that the president, Rajoy since the second defeat on the  year 2008 elections surrendered to the Socialist Regime that govern the country in the shadow when not in power. Mariano Rajoy, when in  power, did nothing to investigate the coup d´etat, neither to reverse the destruction produced by the socialist in any of their aspects whatsoever.

Such is the power of the Socialist Regime. The first socialist government, by Felipe Gonzalez worked toward this absolute dominance of the state and the society. He closed newspapers and radios, He  took over the justice (with a law that permitted to appoint socialist judges without any objective merit nor opposition). He put the social institutions for savings in the hands of politics (with the "ley de Cajas" ). He flooded the university with socialist partisans (PNNs) without merit nor opposition and immediately after that, isolated it from any external control of achievements or guidelines  (with the Law of Universitary autonomy) and infiltrated the police. They  organized death squadrons within the police, with the excuse of anti-terrorism operations since the beginning.

It is also evident that the King has collaborated to obstruct the investigation and in sustaining the new regime. He also feel intimidated  by the power of the socialists.  A year ago, shortly before Zapatero gave power to Rajoy as a result of the last general elections, a corruption scandal socked the Royal Family.  Everyone knew here that the King's son in law  and the King itself were involved in illegal commissions. That caused concern,  but nobody accused the royal family  It was criticized  openly but accepted as a matter to be fixed, but not by the judicial system.  This time, a judge appointed by the socialist party that was also involved in anti Popular party partisan investigations accused a member of the Royal Family. It is evident for me that this is the usual way that the socialist party has to blackmail the King to assure that the the King would do the necessary to control the Popular Party and to force it to follow the  policies of the socialist regime. This week the hospital were the king was being treated suffered an strange disaster. Some people know. I know, that this is one more reminder to the King that he is in their hands. To summarize, everything is contaminated, everything is corrupt by the amoral behavior and the fear produced by the coup regime of the 11M. That is the socialist regime.

This country as you know, is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. But you can´t even imagine how much. Not only the political and judicial system are corrupt. The very society is morally devastated as a result of the artificial  bubble and the  destructive regime of Zapatero that continue in power by controlling the King and Mariano Rajoy.

I  just gave a blanket to a jobless person that passed behind my window. I fear my daughter would have to live hard times for what we did, but specially for what we did not, to demand the Truth and the Justice for the victims of the  11M mass killing. She does not deserve it.