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Multicultural re-engineering in Catalonia

I read here this:

As in the Republic, the figure of the informer is back to the forefront of Catalan life. Barcelona City Council has trained 436 volunteer "anti rumors" citizens  to combat negative stereotypes about immigrants in the framework of the Barcelona "Red antrumores" (anti-rumors network).

The initiative is part of the consistory Intercultural Plan to combat "negative and baseless rumors that hinder coexistence in diversity," from the task of a network of social institutions that promote the figure of anti-rumors agent.

The notice continues: "There have been 150 hours of training to 18 different groups, where there has been a total of 600 people registered. Of these, 436 have already been certified antirumores agent. The volunteers always use rigorous and objective information to clear misperceptions that immigrants and monopolize social benefits do not pay taxes, receive grants to open shops, collapse or abuse the emergency health services. With official statistics, trying to invalidate every one of the rumors"

Strategy Agency antirumores BCN edited much of the material for dissemination to the public, in addition to a website and a YouTube channel.

An example of "rigurous and objective information" against the rumor "Inmigrants make us lose identity" is answered with the eart-shaking fact that some food and musical traditions of Catalonia are not born in Catalonia. It seems that the identity horizont of these localist, but objective, idiots do not go farther than what can be enclosed in a bar. In any case not farter than the hills of Montserrat.

The modern idiot take official data as if it were word of Jeovah, but in fact it is propaganda. So, using data from official propaganda, the ruling class tries to import voters and indoctrinate the natives to accept the destruction of the only thing that prevents the ruling class to achieve absolute power: the native indentity, that includes institutions like the Rule of Law, Justice, Christian moral compassion (not state-regulated compassion), Christian appeal to the individual responsability, equality of opportunities (not of outcomes), Christian dignity of the individual (not state-granted dignity). Reason (not consensual lies). And our history, an european history of resistance, although not ever sucessful, against internal and external despotic rulers. Still may you wonder why they want to erase our History?. These, and many others, are the parts of our identity that matters. These things keep our humanity, our prosperity and the freedom that we have managed to achieve. Without the former ones we are loosing the latter ones, as you can see day by day. They are being erased by the ruling class, not only by importing their voters, but by active destruction and/or distortion of our institutions and rewriting our history.

The destruction of our identity is a necessary step for the construction o f the new dictatorship of the global elite and their local branches. In the case of the EU, The multicultural socialist republic of Europe. In the case of Catalonia, the multicultural-monolingual Great Catalonia.

While they neutralize our institutions, the ruling class imports apparently docile Africans and Asians. These kind of immigrants are accustomed to live under despots that come and go, so our rulers think they could domesticate them easier than us. In their immense hatred of our true culture of individual autonomy, they use the submissive culture of Islam to diminish ours. Any resistance is beforehand labeled as racism and ignorance, as the above anti-rumor brigade loudly suggest.

Any direct proof of this? Yes. While in Catalonia every third word immigrant is welcomed and its traditions respected and protected by even this kind of fifth column, in the other side, the immigrants of the rest of Spain are attacked. while spanish is one of the two official language in Catalonia by constitutional law, they can not label their businesses in Spanish. They have no school where its children can learn in their native language. Anything resembling Spanish culture is debased.  "Official" may be a very elastic word. It may mean "whatever is of interest for the ruling class". 

Spanish culture is attacked not because it is against Catalan culture because the latter is a little branch of the former.  A little branch of european culture in any case. Spanish culture is attacked because it represent the past traditions and institutions, including the ones of Catalonia. Attacking Spanish culture they also erase the Catalonian culture (except the language) and construct its new multicultural society without the native Catalonians taking notice of it.

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  1. Astonishing!
    I just can't believe it. We're moving faster and faster directly to the past, to the 30's of the Twentieth Century...