lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Bloodless thinking and contempt of History

The past generations lived in the conscience of history and in eternity. The Christians believed to be the continuation of the history of Israel. The bible is filled with descriptions of sins that we the christians have to avoid as if ourselves, represented by the people of Israel had committed in the past.

Historylessness is a key in the understanding of this time. This neurotic seek for the last news without the time and the desire to sit down and extract a global picture of the situation is an escape from responsibility with future generations and, more important, it is an escape from the responsibility in the errors of the past, that are indeed not of this or that generation but the entire society and a display of the worst of human nature, that is, of every human. 

By neglecting responsibility and even attacking the errors of past generations (from which modern christian-rooted antisemitism is a particular case) the modern man is free to affirm the feel-good (and feel-god) idea that the errors and limitations of the past say nothing about its own human nature and its own modern society.

Once the History is manipulated for self encumbrement by presenting it as the fight between oscurantism, agression and irrationality against reason, peace and light, whose triumph culminates in the illumination of the present, the History becomes something void that has nothing to teach. Except as an supermarket of excuses for demonizing anyone that question the next wave of modernity. jewish, catholics, protestant-capitalists and finally the whole West fall in disgrace in front of the modern man in its untenable quest for salvation from itself: Antijudaism, the Inquisition, the Spanish Black Legend, anticapitalism and finally the demonizartion of the West as a whole, with the same arguments: conspirative, evil, imperialistic, aggresive, and predator of  angelic victims.

bloodless thinking is thinking without the "nous" of the greek philosophes or without the soul of the Christian tradition. The nous is the inner sense that tell us that something is right, beyond any (sometimes impossible) testing.  This is usually known as "common sense". And Common Sense in a very positivistic definition, is a compendium of biological and cultural best practices inprinted in human nature and society based on the experience of the past (by natural and cultural selection) in the form of intuitions.

Because most errors have  bad consequences in the very long term, it is not possible to arrange experiments to test them.  These errors are civilization-wide, so they are the worst errors men can commit. The highest Truths, that prevents these errors, are untestable, but because we have them imprinted in our intuition, these Truths sound and shines in our souls. "Truth is not 'tested' in any way, but sounds itself or shines outwards in beauty"

Blodless thinking is nothing but passing over our accumulated knowledge and traditions, even the most basic ones, with the inevitable consequences. This is the situation that Spengler denounced. 

This is taken from my own comentary to the  the excelent, as allways, essay of  Mr Bertonneau about  "Oswald Spengler On Democracy, Equality, And “Historylessness”" 

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