martes, 15 de enero de 2013

Neither the state neither the market can build a society.  It is a question of something more, that has a fundamental ingredient: the contact with reality.

When a person believe that receiving from the taxpayer two three four times the market price for his solar electricity, still think that he is doing something good. When a central banker believes that fabricating credit out of nothing  for state caprices or fanciful business would create wealth and not create unpayable debts and/or a degraded money . When an elected politician or a influential intellectual or businessman  promotes, advertises or subsidizes people, attitudes of ideologies whose main purpose is to aniquilate our past, present and future and us.  When every problem has a new law, new taxes, a new governmental body over the back of the taxpayer, then there is no  human institution that can work and no society that can go along.

Since time ago, these attitudes were in a path of direct collision with reality, and our actual situation see the consequences of the inevitable shock that is happening just now.!topic/everything-list/3fC_C5xosH4

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