lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

The apocalypticist mentality

Ah the apocalyptic mentality..... An apocalypticist is like a nationalist. The later think that it  has born in the best possible country by pure chance, and will make it greater. The apocalypticist, also by pure chance, think that he is in a pivotal moment on history where some catastrophe or something wonderful will happen. The end of all wars, the prosperity forever, the enlightened age of eternal progress, The New Man of the socialism, the climatic apocalypse, the new Aquarius age, or the second coming of Christ. (or the first coming of the leader that will end wars, tame the climate,a inaugurate an Aquarius age and so on). 

Of the two, the apocalypticists are the worst. A nationalist can kill few before being defeated because they can´t hide the fact that they work for themselves and they find rapid opposition.

But the apocalypticsts work "for the good of humanity" and are here and there, everywhere, ready to commit whatever crimes to advance or avoid the coming apocalypse. And because their propaganda say that they work for the good of Humanity, and not for themselves and their laboratories and their political careers, they find little opposition. On the contrary, they find armies of hyperinformed idiots. 

These, their followers are late-news addicts with null background knowledge in human affairs and almost in anything else except his little specialization, incapable to interpret and integrate what they see and hear for a couple of yeas if not days and compose mentally the big picture. Their fish-like memory and their opinions are shaped by professional opinators that follow the smell of money and power,

You can do little against their propaganda armies. Their generals don´t have personal lifes. They are  like priests, dedicated to evangelize unbelievers to their obsessions. Occupy the bureaucracies of the states and specially the international institutions. they feel compelled to work in the mass media and the Education to extend their propaganda.   You will never win the battle. You have a familly, children, a future in which to think... Those that believe in the apocalypse don`t.

Just mock at them. sit patiently an wait for the reality to work for you, and the apocalypse will ridicule them one more time with his absence. 

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