lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

Nace "el Reaccionario"

Una fuente del sionismo internacional, que he conocido un día que bajé a los infiernos a tostar palestinos (todo el mundo sabe que lose fachas nos desayunamos un niño palestino recién hecho) Me ha comentado que ha nacido Th reactionary, International Journal of Subversive Political Culture.

Across the globe astute observers of politics and society are witnessing both the steady march of freedom and the steady assault on human liberty...

The Reactionary strives to be a vital network and resource for people around the world who are keen to take a stand for Western civilization in the face of populist calls for appeasement of terrorists and capitulation to religious extremism.

...The Reactionary is dedicated to providing a desperately needed counterpoint to the leftist dogma that prevails in the international “mainstream” media (IMSM) as well as in academia, government, multilateral institutions and many non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Pues lo mismo pienso yo. ¿Seré un facha? ¿seré un reaccionario? oh! por San Roberspierre, me espera la muerte sociaaal!

Para mi, es momento de reaccionar. No sé para ti.

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