jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

Mientras tanto en Eurabia.,.,

Una austriaca, condenada en Austria por decir que Mahoma era un pedófilo

There is now a conviction against Austrian citizen Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (ESW), who stood trial on a charge of “incitement to hatred” at a series of seminars educating about political Islam and the challenges we face. The case was closed on February 15th 2011 by judge Bettina Neubauer, who gave the following verdict to ESW, who was also convicted of being a “Repeat offender”, in spite of this conviction being her first:

Acquitted on the charge of incitement to hatred
Convicted for denigration of the teachings of a legally recognized religion.
Punishment: 120 day fines for a total of 480 euros.

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