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Lecturas de fin de semana: Naturalismo y nihilismo

Una respuesta colgada en este post, que trata sobre si el naturalismo lleva a nihilismo, reseñado por Robredo. (¿Como estás, Robre?). Por supuesto que el naturalismo (como llaman ahora al escepticismo cientifico) entendido en el sentido fuerte lleva al nihilismo (yo llamo al naturalismo fuerte "nihilismo apodíctico" o "ceguera cartesiana". Pero entendido como religión, es decir como adoración a los padres del credo sin detenerse mucho en sus consecuencias, no lleva al nihilismo, porque, como toda religion tiene un cuerpo de creencias que aisla del nihilismo. Ellos dicen que el naturalismo no lleva al nihilismo. Claro, su concepto de naturalismo es el segundo.

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Mi respuesta:

You guys, the adepts to these new labels composed of a mix of terms "humanists" "naturalist" "secular" etc seems as if you adhere to science without entering in their hard facts. You mention darwinism without bother into extract their consequences. In fact you take evolution as a theory when in fact the theory is Natural Selection, that evoques far more distress than "evolution" that is a descriptive, not an explicative term, and, as such, is neither an explanation nor invoque any fact except itself. That is what you exactly want to debunk the idea of a creator. You seems to adopt to evolution but your penetration into the consequences of natural selection are shallow. You regret on creationists not accepting evolution, but in this article, Only a creationist mention hard facts of natural selection. A few years ago, Dawkins was an enemy of the politically correct left for his defense of neodarwinism, and most of you agree with non darwinist explanations of evolution such are the lewontin-Gould Dialectic evolution and others. Thinga have not changed too much except to admit in your naturalistic pantheon Darwin and its prophets, as personal authorities but without accepting the hard facts of the theory. It seems that the philosophy oriented naturalists as you practice a sort of sophistry mixed with cult to personality. If you are champions of science, I wonder why you do not enter in the hard, valueless facts and theories of natural selection to answer the only person here that has put in the table some facts of it, Tobias, a creationist. I regret my tone when I re-read this, but I need you to awake from your comfortable sophistry. Haught is rigth in the idea that you are soft core atheist. Camus or nietzche would have gone deep in the question if they had articulate theories of natural selection applied to humans at hand. You prefer to stay vague for your own sanity, but you do not agree with the high respect for science that you claim for yourselves in every first paragraph of every post when you argue such vague things like "moral is in our nature shaped by natural evolution" This is something that is not enough, and is not accurate. It´s not sicience. It´s not even philosophy. Period. In any case it is belief founded in interested interpretation of naturalistic scriptures of the fathers of xxxxx-naturalism, equally dishonests. You mix a personality cult with a set of candles in your virtual pantheon. the candles are phrases like the former about morality.

I´ll do the hard thing for you: What morality are you talking about? The morality of the founding fathers - all men are created equal? ... or...the morality of John Dillinger? (he never leaved their mates usupported. It was considered deeply moral by the members of his gang. Most of the conversation in a mafia group is about moral issues: who was wrong on doing what, why is someone not worth confidence. Who needs a "lesson" to behave well next time, to demand friends to give back a favour by collaborating in the next bank assault etc.

Unfortunately for you, the moral that is deeply rooted in our human nature by natural-selection (NOT evolution) is the second, (not the "all men are created equal by evolution") and you know it in the deep. That´s the reason you don´t go deeper in the issue.

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  1. Pues claro que no: cómo que al nihilismo; el naturalismo lleva directamente al humanismo secular. No hay asociación de ideas más fácil, obvia y científica que ésta. Si es que... XD

    De verdad, ¿a dónde quiere llegar exactamente esta gente? Es que no sé, a lo mejor se me escapa algo y no comprendo. El caso es que ni tan siquiera aprecio sentido o nobleza en “la misión” de estos obsesivos.

  2. Memetic vaya mierda de ingré. Has hecho el ridi total.
    No sé dónde lo has puesto pero ha debido ser el descojone general...

  3. Es que estudió en la misma academia que el Lenguas.

    - ¿Oiga, es aquí lo de las clases de inglés?

    - If, if, between, between.

  4. ¡Comete el mismo tipo de faltas en "ingré" que en castellano! ¡Bravo, Memetic!

  5. Je, je, no podían faltar los resentidos que viven pendientes de que otros escriban para caer colactivamente a "criticar" una astila en el marco porque no entendieron para nada el cuadro en general.